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About Naya F. Powell &
Utopia Spa and Global Wellness Living Retreats

As a 3rd generation entrepreneur, founder, and CEO of Utopia Spa and Global Wellness, #1 best-selling author, and *wholistic lifestyle strategist, I understand the demands that many are facing today.


While our first two retreats were created for women, we are now moving forward with curating globally relevant experiences for corporations, executives, VC firms, startups, entrepreneurs, couples, and faith-based groups.

Utopia SGW offers culturally immersive experiences that elevate understanding, enrich well-being, and empower global leaders.


Through history, cuisine, music, and wellness practices, outside of our own, we nurture a deeper appreciation for the world.

Join us for the piece of Utopia you deserve!​


Naya F. Powell
Founder/CEO and Wellness Pioneer
The Utopian Living Brand

(*wholistic - a focus on mind, spirit & body)