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Code of Conduct & Culture Standards

Our goal is to curate a safe space of community, compassion, kindness, respect, and harmony. Please see our Utopia Retreats Code of Conduct below.

  • Operate in a spirit of kindness, harmony, compassion, respect, grace and empathy.

  • Intend to be engaged in a spirit of well-being. 

    • To protect the cohesion and spirit of the group, I intend to attend at least 70% of the activities; for events I don't attend,  I will bow out graciously without disrupting the group.

    • No use of drugs, smoking, or vaping

  • Respect the space, programming, and intent of the retreat for *wholistic wellness to: Escape, Elevate, Enrich, & Empower 

    • Understanding wellness retreats differ from a typical vacay.

  • Come with open minds:  allow yourself to change your mind 

  • Assume positive intent from each participant

  • Actively listen, be curious, validate, and seek first to understand and then be understood.

  • Tough on ideas, soft on people

  • Everyone participates, and no one dominates

  • Focus on people, not phones; choose to be present

  • Disagree without being disagreeable

  •  Maintain a level of confidentiality when fellow participants share their experiences. 

  • Allow yourself to be a safe space for others 

  •  Use present experiences as an opportunity for self-reflection 

  •  Be mindful of timeliness and punctuality: Consider the group's needs 

  • Give yourself and others space for flexibility

Let us therefore, make every effort to do what leads to peace and to mutual edification.

-Romans 14:19 

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